From Jennifer Lewis, Global Youth Village 2011 Peace Building Instructor

As a Conflict Resolution Facilitator with the Richmond Peace Education Center, I gained the facilitation skills I needed to lead the Dialogue and Peace Building workshop with the Global Youth Village international summer camp.  After having taking a year off from this position, I was a bit nervous returning to lead a workshop leading young people with behavioral challenges.  Lucky for me, whenever facilitating with RPEC, I am blessed with youth co-facilitators, who often are the most influential leaders of the workshop.  Being closer in age to the participants, they often can make deeper connections with the participants and provide real-world examples that adults are simply unaware of.  During my most recently workshop I led, my youth co-facilitator doubly blessed me.

Due to scheduling difficulties, I did not meet my co-facilitator until the day of our workshop. When I arrived at our host organization and met my co-facilitator, I realized I knew this young man!  It took only a few seconds to for me to place Kashawn Rogers as one of the Global Youth Village’s 2011 participants!  I wish a camera had captured the smile on my face when I saw Kashawn.  Knowing that a GYV participant, especially Kashawn, was my co-facilitator for this workshop, which I had been nervous about, instantly put me at ease.

Kashawn was easily one of the most charming and genuine young men at the Global Youth Village that summer.  His positive demeanor carried over to his work as co-facilitation for our workshop.  He led activities with confidence and passion. Kashawn truly believes that young people need healthier alternatives to violence and most impressively, he makes non-violence sound cool!  Kashawn is applying the lessons he learned at the Global Youth Village to young people who genuinely need to hear that there are alternatives to violence and that youth are powerful leaders in our world.

Jennifer Lewis

Lead Conflict Resolution Facilitator – Richmond Peace Education Center

Dialogue and Peace Building Instructor – Global Youth Village, summer 2010 & 2011

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