Mohamed Eid


Nationality: Egyptian        

GYV Participant : 1987

Education: PhD in Sustainable Development & Project Management, The University of Edinburgh, Scotland UK (1999-2004)

Most Interesting Countries Visited: Scotland, France and the US

Favorite GYV Memory: I have so many unforgettable memories at the GYV, it has been 22 years since I was there, yet the memories are so vivid in my mind and I owe a lot of my personality to what I experienced there and then. I left and took away with me my memories of learning sign language and singing with it, I took with me the memories of when I was selected as one of the team to run the camp for a day, driving the golf cart for the first time in my life. I took with me the memories of the nights at the Bubble Theatre, the workshops and the team building exercises. I took with me the memories of great friends and wonderful mentors.

Biography: After my PhD in 2004 from Edinburgh University, I went back to Cairo and started my teaching for undergraduates and postgraduates, I was only 30 yrs old and in some case had students who were older than me. The experience was wonderful, the challenge in undergraduate teaching is very different than the one for postgraduate, I cherished both experiences and I love my students. I just attended in October 2009, the graduation of the first class of my students who I taught back in 2006, it was wonderfully rewarding.

I also worked as an independent consultant for sustainable development for several international organizations, the field work is also very rewarding and meeting the people in need makes all worthwhile. Feeling that I am contributing to positive change is a feeling that cannot be compared to anything else.

I have now moved to the US and aiming to join international organizations as a full timer such as World Bank or the UN. I have just published my PhD thesis in a book entitled “ Sustainable Development (SD) & Project Management (PM); Rethinking relationships in the construction industry, integrating SD into PM processes”, it can be accessed online on through Amazon , click the following link


For all my friends of 1987 Alumni, please get in touch and send me pics and your memories at my email Mohamed Eid