public-healthLegacy’s Founder J.E. Rash announces a new community health program for young people.  Peer education is the key – pick an issue with your friends and produce a video message in multiple languages.  The workshop includes the real life examples of alumni from Legacy’s Community Health Initiative  (CHI) in North Africa.
CHI at GYV  includes a dynamic array of guest speakers from the public health field. Youth then take  a hands-on approach and design of a public awareness campaign.

Learn the story of Mohammed Arif in the Village of Ait Haddou Youssef, Morroco –by teaching 50 youth about proper hand washing they saw a reduction in the incidences of diarrhea from 51% to 12%. Mary Samir in Cairo Egypt led much needed dialogue programs for teen women to address health and family concerns. She only had room for 50 teens and 150 showed up.

Rachid Lamjaimer in Morocco turned an innovative idea into reality.  His idea –   —“Healthy Mother Healthy Baby”: A Lay Health Educator’s Program (LHE) discusses healthy pregnancy, safe birth practices and vaccinations with local women’s associations. One LHE  can  effect 30+ people.    Rachid is coming to GYV to teach this workshop!!!

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