Orientation Day was a success at GYV!  Founder and President Mr. J.E. Rash addressed the group Monday morning, as he usually does. He stressed the importance of upholding universal human values and sharing those values as a foundation for creating peace.  “We are hardwired for compassion, for love, for patience and tolerance,” he told the group. Participants were then invited to to a deeper discussion on universal human values and how those values are expressed in our society and the participants’ lives.

Team building exercises  have been taking place  periodically during the past few days; they have a way of increasing participation and have already brought the group closer together.  The games and exercises are fun, thought-provoking and unforgettable! Participants also signed up for electives: printmaking, yarn art, basetktball, and Kurdish dance!

It looks like everything has gotten off to a brilliant start!