The Peacebuilding Workshop is a kind of workshop  that focuses on communication and dialogue as tools to bring about peace, understanding and experimental knowledge.  It helps promote listening, expressing thoughts and sharing personal experiences to build connecting bridges between participants to bring them closer together so that they could comprehend and appreciate each other in a peaceful and productive manner.  Providing a safe and comfortable environment for the participants is the key to beneficial communication and it accommodates speaking up and learning diverse techniques about conflict resolution skills by experiencing the facts rather than studying them.  Demonstrating that respect and positive attitude leads to a win/win result provokes the participants to try to make a difference through embracing dialogue and peace as the lane that leads to solutions for our problems. 

When I first came here I was really confused about my goals and I had so many thoughts in chaos that I didn’t know how to sort them out, but I have experienced in this workshop that there is really no way to peace, peace is the way.  I finally have the motivation that I was lacking to go for my dreams which is to make a positive difference in my society.


~ Iraqi Participant Session B, 2009

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