In honor of its 30th anniversary Legacy has launched a Poetry for Peace campaign. In our Peacebuilding Programs, the young people discovered new ways of self-expression through the arts.   The authors’ identities have been concealed to insure safety and security – peace.

We will be featuring their poetry on our website so please enjoy. Sign up your email address (top right) to receive announcement of new posts via your email.

Poems from Global Youth Village Participants:

I believe peace will never be achieved

It is what the dead dream of

Last I heard of peace it fled with the truth, love, and ambition

I read of peace once alive even heard stories of its death

I believe peace is one with the sail and we can only pray.

I believe peace is dead, peace is gone

and all that remains are embers


I live to create truth

I live to see beauty

live with faith that the dead leave echoes, and while

peace is only a word, it echoes of love

resonates with the soil in me

So if I can live these truths and hear these echoes;

Then can I now believe?

by RJ – USA

I believe peace will make my life still

no more hurt no more cry. Just try to chill

Truth is my life

I don’t believe in lies

So when you lie, just keep it inside.

I see beauty in this world Its beautiful.

Don’t hate your life, Its a miracle.

Young Man from Baghdad

I believe peace will make us closer

Make our diversities more similar

We can come together in harmony

Love, happiness, tranquility, freedom, peace.

Truth is a quest for those who persevere

An answer for those who wonder

An example for those who learn

The truth that is, was, and will be.

I see beauty in nature, the city

I see beauty in guns, in roses

I see beauty in one, in all

Beauty is that which resides in everything, hot and cold

Hameed  – USA

I see beauty in everything

good and bad

cuz everything has the chance to change.

Young woman – Iraq

I believe peace will bring together the most unforgiving societies into one.

Truth is understanding.

Sarah – USA

Peace will raise you up to the highest mountain top

and then fling you to the ground when it is lost

Peace will solve more problems than war.

Peace is a faith most important to humanity

that raises our consciousness.

Peace is my religion.

Liam – USA

We’re living in a peace camp for now

no one ever falls

cuz we’re together and holding hands

each and who ever breaks

they help him get up and rise

Since all the violence I’ve seen

I can’t believe where have I been

I wish that peace would be so true

and a thing that everyone has to know.

Young woman from Iraq

I believe peace will make better world

make better community

Truth is

Beauty of the heart

beauty of the loving family

power of the united family

united community

united people

Young man from Iraq

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