JOB DESCRIPTION – Chef & Meal Manager

Manage overall meal production for Global Youth Village participants, staff and guests, working with other kitchen staff to prepare balanced, satisfying vegetarian meals for teens and adults.  Applicants may present skills developed through attending a  culinary arts program OR skills learned through on-the-job training.  Proven leadership and management ability also essential.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Prior experience as chef or head cook in an institutional setting (restaurant, hotel, military, school, camp, etc.)
  • Prior supervisory role in food service field
  • Training and/or experience in quantity vegetarian cooking.  Well versed in food preparation for those with dietary needs (vegans, food allergies, diabetes, etc)
  • Knowledge of food preparation and service standards; health, safety and sanitation procedures (ServSafe certified.)
  • Demonstrates leadership ability and works well within team structure
  • Fluent in English
  • Minimum High School graduate with at least two years cooking experience
  • Minimum age: 24
  • US citizen, or currently authorized to work in the US.

Responsible to:   Food Service Coordinator

Specific Responsibilities:

  1. Meals & Menus – coordinates and prepares meals for participants, staff and guests. Consults with Food Service Coordinator and other kitchen staff to provide nutritious, balanced and delicious vegetarian cuisine. Provides for special dietary needs of participants, staff and guests.
  2. Special Events – provides bagged lunches for field trips and departure day and occasional evening snacks.
  3. Baking – performs daily baking to include fresh bread, breakfast foods and desserts.
  4. Expenses & Documentation – monitors food expenses in accordance with established budget. Maintains production records and inventory of food and equipment. Evaluates food service staff, kitchen procedures and menus at end of program with Food Service Coordinator, providing documentation and recommendations for the future.
  5. Food Vendors – establishes and maintains positive relationships with food vendors. Assists with food and supply ordering and deliveries.
  6. Staff Training & Management – Provides training and proper supervision of kitchen assistants. Meets regularly with Food Service Coordinator to discuss menus, food ordering, kitchen budget, staffing and other topics as they pertain to food service.
  7. Environment – creates a positive, safe, and engaging workplace, ensuring cleanliness, functionality and safety. Is present in dining hall during meals to gauge food quantities and overall receptivity to meals.
  8. Standards – ensures all regulations and standards pertaining to food services are in compliance with guidelines established by the Virginia’s health codes and American Camp Association standards.  Promotes conservation practices to reduce waste and encourage recycling.
  9. Facility – monitors equipment and facilities usage, which includes daily temperature checks of refrigeration units.  Interfaces with janitorial services and maintenance personnel in collaboration with Facilities Manager; closes down kitchen at end of program; inventories non-perishable foods. Prepares perishable food for local food bank donation. Responsible for storage of camp dishes, equipment and supplies for winter months, and for final kitchen cleaning.
  10. Local Shopping – does weekly shopping trips to local stores (Sam’s Club, Walmart) for food and supplies. Orders and prepares weekly non-vegetarian meal (kosher hot dogs, halal chicken, fish).
  11. Substitute Chef – fills in for other chef / cook as needed
  12. Evaluate procedures and menus at end of season, making recommendations for next season.

Secondary Responsibilities:  (to be determined, depending on interests and skills of the applicant):

Essential Functions:

  1. Overall duties require: 1) prolonged standing, bending, stooping, walking, lifting; 2) hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity to safely use equipment and sharp tools/knives; 3) able to lift up to 50 lbs; and 4) able to tolerate extended exposure to heat.
  2. Sensory ability to determine cleanliness of dishes, food contact surfaces, and kitchen area, in addition to assessing condition of food.
  3. Cognitive and physical ability to operate electrical and mechanical kitchen equipment safely (dish washer, food processors, blenders, etc.).
  4. Ability to communicate with staff and youth, and provide necessary instruction and training.
  5. Cognitive and communication abilities to conduct necessary functions of kitchen management.
  6. Ability to communicate to staff and youths the safety regulations and emergency procedures in case of the need for evacuation of dining hall.
  7. Cognitive ability to maintain appropriate inventory of food & supplies.
  8. Cognitive ability to interpret and implement written menus and meal plans.
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