Job Description:  GYV Program Coordinator

General Responsibilities

Oversee strategic areas of program delivery related to youth and staff development, and staff management. Serves as “first point of contact” for program content quality and implementation.

Main responsibilities include training and supporting counseling and program staff, monitoring overall youth and staff experience. Sets the correct tone for the beginning of each session by coordinating the youths’ arrival and orientation experiences. Maintains morale and keeps communication flowing among various staff teams. Meets regularly with counselors, workshop staff, and administrative staff ensuring program goals are met.


  • College graduate with at least 2 years professional youth work and staff management experience, and at least 25 years of age
  • Previous professional level administrative, programming or counseling experience with teens, preferably in a residential, camp setting. (Previous Global Youth Village experience (participant or staff) preferred but not required.)
  • Demonstrated experience in areas of youth development and leadership training
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate clearly and effectively based on knowledge of effective cross-cultural relations.
  • Previous experience training others in the areas of: communication, group management, discussion facilitation, decision making, creative / critical thinking, and problem solving. (Trainer or trainers experience preferred.)
  • Demonstrates an understanding of the demands of working in a multi-cultural environment, and is able to apply Legacy’s training principles in effective multi-cultural team building
  • Proven team-leading and staff management experience. Able to effectively manage conflicts using a variety of communication styles.
  • Ability to create a harmonious group dynamic within a variety of settings. Ability to manage large groups.
  • Flexible and open to approaching youth work from a variety of methods.
  • Proven ability to effectively accept & offer feedback; ability to take initiative and seek/accept guidance as needed.
  • Ability to approach tasks creatively and flexibly, and to use existing circumstances as learning opportunities.
  • Ability to inspire groups & individuals.
  • Possesses strength & endurance required to manage staff & youth in a residential camp.
  • Ability to establish works priorities, respond to unanticipated needs & work under pressure.
  • Fluent English


  1. Design and conduct counselor training.
  2. Design and conduct other key staff experience sessions in collaboration with GYV Director.
  3. Survey staff talents and determine elective and evening program staffing in collaboration with others on administrative team.
  4. Collaborate with Director on the design and delivery of key aspects of GYV experience for youth: arrival & orientation days, Honor System implementation, program reflection, and end-of-session wrap-up.
  5. Work closely with the Outreach Coordinator to identify individual youth’s needs and goals.
  6. Draft cabin, workshop and elective lists / assignments, taking into account youth needs and dynamics, in collaboration with Activities & Scheduling Coordinator.
  7. Meet with staff concerning ongoing development of event plans, and adjustments required to address overall program needs.
  8. Work with staff team to maximize themes of teamwork, leadership & community action, and acknowledgment of youth accomplishments.
  9. Work with staff to design and facilitate all-Village leadership events (i.e. Dialogue Night, Egg Drop Challenge, Identity Exercise, morals/values exercise).
  10. Monitor “cabin life”, meeting with counseling team regularly and making sure other members of administrative team and workshop staff are aware of youth dynamics / needs.
  11. Monitor workshops (content; instructor performance; youth participation, cabin integration for each youth).
  12. Monitor youth communications with family via telephone and e-mail.
  13. Communicate with the administrative team regularly concerning youth and staff issues & successes.
  14. Structure and conduct youth evaluations and reflection.
  15. Plan wrap-up sessions for staff. Ensure staff complete requested documentation of their respective program areas.  Facilitates staff debrief discussions & evaluations.
  16. Coordinate staff recognition event plans.
  17. Debrief with administrative team.
  18. Evaluates program structure and activities at end of season, making recommendations for following summer.

Essential Functions

  1. Ability to effectively communicate with youths and staff, and to provide necessary instruction, feedback, and training.
  2. Ability to observe youth behavior assesses its appropriateness, enforce appropriate safety regulations and emergency procedures, and provide appropriate guidance and discipline.
  3. Ability to communicate to staff and youths the safety regulations and emergency procedures in case of an all-camp emergency.
  4. Visual and auditory ability to identify and respond to environmental and other hazards.
  5. Cognitive and communication abilities to manage large, complex event management.
  6. Cognitive and communication abilities to manage complex tasks with large groups, to plan and conduct large group activities, and coordinate staff team.
  7. Possesses strength and endurance required to maintain constant supervision of youth in a rural, residential camp setting.
  8. Ability to operate essential office equipment needed to carry out responsibilities (i.e. telephone, computer, photocopy machine).
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