JOB DESCRIPTION:  Youth Activities & Scheduling Coordinator

General Responsibility:

Infuse themes of teamwork, leadership and community into all-Village activities on collaboration with fellow staff.  Serve as a key member of a team that monitors group dynamics for the entire Village.  Coordinate the afternoon electives and recreational activities so youths can experience new things and build friendships.  Implement program plans by coordinating logistics and designing all-Village schedules, taking into account all the various needs of Village, from cabin life, to evening programs and support functions. Some previous teaching experience preferred. Enthusiasm, high personal stamina, and an ablilty to inspire groups & individuals are key!


  • College graduate with at least 1 year professional youth work and staff management experience
  • Previous professional level administrative, programming or counseling experience with teens, preferably in a residential, camp setting.
  • Ability to creatively schedule and plan programs.
  • Demonstrated ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, schedule events, and manage numerous details for large groups of people.  Orderly, able to organize and set reasonable time lines involving copious information and multiple tasks.
  • Has proven team-leading experience. Able to effectively manage conflicts using a variety of communication styles.
  • Ability to create a harmonious group dynamic within a variety of GYV group settings. Ability to manage large groups.
  • Flexible and open to approaching youth work from a variety of methods.
  • Ability to initiate communication with administrative staff concerning youth and staff needs.
  • Ability to approach tasks creatively and to use existing circumstances as learning opportunities.
  • Ability to network and motivate staff to bring forth their talents and skills; ability to inspire groups & individuals.
  • Ability to observe staff facilitation techniques and their impact on the youths learning process.
  • Possesses endurance required to manage staff and youth in a rural, residential camp setting.
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate clearly and effectively with others based on knowledge of effective cross-cultural relations.
  • Ability to establish work priorities, respond to unanticipated needs & meet deadlines.
  • Strong word processing skills (Microsoft Word & Excel)
  • Desire and ability to work in a rural, camp setting.
  • Fluent in English.
  • Minimum age 25 or older


During Staff Training:

  1. Gather information about staff talents, skills and specific areas of expertise. Work with administrative team and evening programs coordinator to develop potential “menu” of afternoon electives, free time activities, evening and weekend events using these staff resources.
  2. Coordinate daily, special schedules during staff training.
  3. Develop rapport with staff who will deliver afternoon activities; helping them develop effective lesson plans as needed.
  4. Orient staff to personal schedules that will come into effect once the participants arrive, including  communication venues
  5. Establish rotation for cabin meal clean-ups, waitiering & email / phone times.

When GYV is “in session”:

  1. Coordinate and conduct activity sign up periods with youths and staff at the beginning and periodically throughout each session, distributing participant lists for workshops, electives etc in a timely fashion after such sign up period.
  2. Coordinate electives. Youths sign up for one to two electives/session which is a 1.25 hour activity offered for 3-4 days. Activity choices include an array of arts, sports, beginning swimming, languages, dance, public speaking, team building, and leadership development. On a daily basis, observe the delivery of electives and offer advice and support to staff as needed.
  3. On a daily basis, work with staff on free time offerings. These are 1.5 hour activities offered in late afternoon. (Examples: view a documentary & discussion, planning group for an evening cultural focus, bracelet making, juggling, pool open, sports tournament, nature walk etc.
  4. Devise special schedules for special event days and varied “transition” days in collaboration with the administrative team: a) arrival & orientation days;  b) weekends; c)  holidays (i.e. – July 4th), field trips; d) departure days;  e) intersession days
  5. Coordinate Dining Hall announcements after each meal and “gathering time” each evening, promoting recognition of achievements.
  6. Establish and maintain safe system for youths’ cash and valuables
  7. Religious observances: a) Coordinate and arrange transportation to church for interested youth & staff; b) Arrange Shabat observance with interested participants & staff. Notifies kitchen staff.
  8. Staff Support:  a) Plan and execute staff appreciation & morale building events in collaboration with the Administrative Team; b) coordinate staff tim time off as needed in collaboration with Administrative Team
  9. Arrange for staff drivers as needed for transporting youths to church or other outings, or for various program related shopping needs as they may arise.
  10. Process supplies requests.  Assist staff in ordering supplies for various program departments, researching vendors, etc.  Communicate with the Kitchen regarding food related needs for various program activities.
  11. Create staff address list for distribution to youths and staff at end of each session
  12. Monitoring and trouble-shooting the laundry system
  13. Coordinate staff appreciate event at end of summer season in collaboration with administrative team
  14. Evaluate programming systems at end of season.
  15. Debrief with administrative team at the end of the summer season, documenting significant successes and recommendations for changes in the future.

Secondary Responsibilities:

  1. Lead occasional afternoon activities, or fulfill some other secondary role of interest
  2. Assist in the design and delivery of select evening programs and other special events as primary duties allow, at least once a session.
  3. Fulfill other support functions as outlined in general job description, applicable to all staff (i.e. daily meal clean-up, helping set up and break down facility, etc.)

Essential Functions:

  1. Ability to effectively communicate with youths and staff, and to provide necessary instruction, feedback, and training.
  2. Ability to observe youth behavior, assess its appropriateness, enforce appropriate safety regulations and emergency procedures, and provide appropriate guidance and discipline.
  3. Ability to communicate to staff and youths the safety regulations and emergency procedures in case of an all-camp emergency.
  4. Visual and auditory ability to identify and respond to environmental and other hazards related to area.
  5. Cognitive and communication abilities to manage large, complex event management.
  6. Cognitive and communication abilities to manage complex tasks with large groups.
  7. Possesses strength and endurance required to maintain constant supervision of youth in a rural, residential camp setting.
  8. Ability to operate essential office equipment needed to carry out responsibilities (i.e. telephone, computer, photocopy machine).
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