Ruben Davis

GYV Staff/Participant during: ’02-‘-03

Education: U.S. House of Representatives Page School ’05 George School, Newtown, PA ’06 Harvard University ’10

Major: East Asian Studies

Favorite GYV Memory: Going around the cabin on the first night and hearing where everyone was from, realizing what a unique and special place GYV is.

Most interesting country visited: I’m going to China (Beijing, Shanghai) in 2008! I’m sure that will be very interesting.

Biography: I grew up in Manhattan. During high school, I was interested in politics and international relations. GYV was wonderful for that. I got the wheels spinning in my head that led me to apply to the Page Program in Washington. I’m now studying East Asian studies at Harvard. I can’t say why, because up until last year I had never taken Chinese or studied much about Asia. I like the idea of learning about cultures and people that I know nothing about. Perhaps GYV instilled that in me, or if I had that before, but I know that my summers in Bedford were a formative and special time in my life.