This summer,  Legacy International is offering 10 U.S. change makers ages 16-19  the opportunity to receive intensive leadership training.  Become a  peer mentor training other global youth leaders how to make a difference.

Legacy International is a non-profit organization that equips emerging leaders to transform their values and vision into sustainable success.  For more than 40 summers, Legacy has operated a one-of-a-kind leadership program for international teens.  The GYV experience builds youth leaders who raise the level of engagement and dialogue in their communities on a wide array of subjects. The Global Youth Village (GYV) is situated in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Bedford Virginia.

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Applicants must:

  • Be between 16 and 19 years old by July  1, 2021;  
  • Be a  resident or citizen of the U.S. with a strong interest in social change; 
  • Demonstrate leadership at the community level;
  • Show initiative, good communication, and an energetic, positive attitude;
  • Have the ability to work cooperatively in a team and appreciate the opinions of others;
  • Be excited about spending part of your summer outdoors in nature and unplugged 

Dates:  July 10-25, 2021  15 days at Global Youth Village in Virginia 

Scholarship:  The scholarship covers tuition, room and board for 15 days valued at $1800.  The only cost to you is transportation to and from Bedford Virginia.  Covid 19 Protocols

Program includes:

  • 25 hours hands-on workshops in leadership, conflict resolution and community dialogue
  • A beautiful retreat in the mountains and hikes on Appalachian Trail
  • Cultural exchange 
  • Guest speakers: environmental justice, human rights, sustainable development goals, poverty reduction, public health ... 
  • Teambuilding, sports, arts, musical performances
  • Wellness workshops building a growth mindset
  • Certificate in “Leadership and Peacebuilding”



Apply By April 20, 2021.  Semifinalists will be interviewed and finalists announce by April 30.


Change Maker Scholarship Application



    Please provide name of Individual/Referral Source
  • PROGRAM DATES - July 10-25, 2021

    Application deadline April 20, 2021. You must be ages 17-19 and a US citizen to apply.

    Please answer ALL of the questions below. At least 2 paragraphs should be devoted to each question.

    • Be open to new ideas and willing to listen • Respect other people’s point of view, cultural differences and music • Participate fully in all activities • Resolve conflict through communication • Engage in non-exclusive, open relationships which avoid cliques and pairs • Accept predominately vegetarian diet free of sugar for a short period of time • Abstain from tobacco, alcohol and illegal drugs
  • I agree to follow the Global Youth Village guidelines
  • • My child is applying for a full scholarship, is a U.S. resident or citizen and that the family is responsible for transportation to and from the GYV campus.