Our Peace Building Session B is winding down at Global Youth Village international summer camp. The last few days are hectic as everyone is trying to wrap up workshops and activities.  We have had some fantastic evening programs during the last few nights…a journey of singing and poetry with world renown singer Charles Williams and acclaimed  percussionist/educator Tom Teasley, Appalachian square dancing last night by members of the Hoorah Cloggers on Friday,  and an Iraqi Cultural Focus and Around the World Night last night! (videos to follow)

The workshops are also winding down. There was a interesting conflict resolution exercise on Thursday where participants had to literally auction off  oranges to their peers.  There was also a deep discussion and exercise on the 9 core qualities of  good leadership. Participants had to examine the nine qualities, reflect on the ones they possessed and the ones they are striving towards. In the Community Health Workshop participants learned a great deal about  basic principles of public health and designed and filmed public service announcements on key public health issues.

Later this morning,  participants will have a reflection time where they will complete surveys and share their closing thoughts with one another. Tonight, they will have  recognition dinner where certificates and the famous paper plate awards will once again be presented! This will be followed by the final sharing (talent show) night and a candlelight ceremony on the soccer field. It promises be another magical evening at the Global Youth Village!  Stay tuned for details.