Name: Shelby Weaver

Shelby Weaver and Family

Shelby Weaver and Family

Nationality: African American

Participant during: 1985

Education: The American University

Occupation: Event Manager/Promoter

Most Interesting Country Visited: Egypt

Favorite GYV Memory: Middle East Visit, cleaning up beaches at the Red Sea!

Volunteer/Civic Engagement Activities since Global Youth Village: Community volunteer at local nursing facilities with youth

Biography: I live in Maryland and I’ve been married now for 15 years! My son is now 13 years old and will be entering high school in the fall. Time flies! I am an event manager/promoter for for Diet to Go.  We push healthier lifestyles and diets primarily at Health Fairs. I have a real passion for everything healthy, a natural diet and natural healing and medicine. I’m also a supporter of PETA.