Global Youth Village Director Mary Helmig loves to cook.  One of her favorite recipes for a lunch or dinner party is Spanakopita.  This spinach, feta, and filo pie, sometimes known as “Greek comfort food”  is easy to make and enjoyed by all.  Her favorite recipe comes from the Moosewood cookbook by Molly Katzen.  Gather with friends and enjoy.

In case you want to impress your friends with your great ability to actually say the name of the dish you are offering them, listen to  the  Wiktionary pronounciation of “spanakopita”.

The  spanokopitaGlobal Youth Village dining is predominately vegetarian with tasty international foods. Spanokopita shows up on the dining menu from time to time and is a great favorite. Sharing recipes from your family and culture is an easy way to find common ground and promote understanding. At GYV many a friendship has started with, “Hey, this spanokopita is you like it?”

One of the aims of our international summer camp is to foster tolerance and understanding and to promote  personal development by encouraging young people to interact respectfully in a challenging and stimulating environment with others from a diverse mix of cultures.