Global Youth Village Summer Staff have arrived on campus!  This week teachers, students (from undergrad – P.H.D.), chefs, administrators, tour guides and professionals from across the world are building the team that will lead the Village for the rest of the summer.  GYV staff members are seasoned professions in the fields of arts, leadership, language, and education -they have years of combined travel abroad and study abroad experience. Don’t let their experience fool you – this group is not the boring academic type- they are FUN and EXCITED about making this summer an unforgettable one for all the young poeple attending GYV.

GYV staff can't wait to meet you!  From left Tony (workshop instructor); Yani (intern); Laura (evening programs); Danielle (English instructor); Maria (girl's cabin counselor); Lingling (dining hall manager)

GYV staff can’t wait to meet you! From left Tony (workshop instructor); Yani (intern); Laura (evening programs); Danielle (English instructor); Maria (girl’s cabin counselor); Lingling (dining hall manager)

Meet The Staff:

This year, 14 cheerful individuals, representing 6 different countries and 5 different languages have joined our team: Christine, Danielle, Laura, Lingling, Maria, Matt, Pax, Tony, Yani, Venera, Ron, Isa, Hameed and Zach. Each of them possesses lots of substantial skills that they will offer to our program. GYV staff members are from different culture backgrounds and have a variety of work and travel experience across the globe. So there is a lot of diversity!

“Staff Training is a good opportunity to connect staff members before we start to help with the program,” said by Danielle, English Language and U.S. Culture instructor She has worked as an English teacher in South Korea for the past two years.  She has also studied Thai language in Thailand!  She says, “I like that we can exchange our ideas for GYV and our cultural experience together during the training time.”


question game copy

Danielle asks “Where is my mom!?!” during the Questions Game at staff training. Players must ask a question to another player, and that player can only respond with another question – if they falter, they are out!

As part of their team building exercises, they completed “The Great
Mattress Relay”
– a teambuilding challenge and a practical way to move camper mattresses out of winter storage! All the members cooperated together and they turned the boring work into an exciting relay game – and a job that usually takes 2 hours, only took 15 minutes.  Talk about a Win-Win situation! The staff team even names themselves the “Flying Springs!”

tree copy

Staff complete the Tree Exercise, here are three staff members Trees. Different parts of the tree represent different things:
Roots: heritage, where do you come from?
Trunk: what gives you strength?
Branches: what are new directions you are exploring?
Fruit: what do you give to the world?
Leaves: Where do you get your inspiration?

In addition to the Great Mattress Relay, staff shared new games and team building challenges which GYV participants will learn soon!  The team completed a classic “Human Knot”, played “The Question Game” and another activity call “The Tree Exercise”.  This activity allowed staff to share their heritage, their hopes for the future and ways they find personal strength.  Check out a few samples of three of our staff members “Trees”:

The GYV staff excited to meet all the students attending GYV this summer – we’ll see some of you in under a week!

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