innocentiaJenPhotoAfter 7 years of dedication and hard work, Legacy is saying farewell and a big thanks to Innocentia Afa, former Outreach Coordinator for the Global Youth Village (GYV) . Innocentia has been instrumental in contributing to the summer experience of over 500 young leaders at GYV and has been a source of inspiration and joy for her colleagues, GYV participants, and summer staff.

“It has been an incredible experience each year to watch the transformation happen.  The youth seem to blossom in the Global Youth Village environment, they mature, gain a wider understanding of global issues, the importance of sensitive dialogue among their peers, and they see that they have an opportunity, no, a responsibility for the future of their world by the choices they make. They see that they can make a difference.” – Innocentia

As Host Family Coordinator, Innocentia has welcomed 30 new host families into the Legacy Host Family network. International adults and students from Indonesia, Egypt, Russia, Ukraine, Morocco, Oman, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Iraq, Tajikistan participating in Legacy’s programs have benefitted from the hospitality and each host family have enjoyed the opportunity.

We wish her all the best in her next steps and all her future endeavors!

We’d also like to welcome Jen Lewis, our new Outreach Coordinator.  In the past, Jen has worked as Dialogue and Diplomacy workshop instructor and helped to develop various leadership development programs for GYV.  In her new role, Jen will serve as the contact person for any questions regarding the GYV application procedure and help young people begin the journey of a lifetime.  Feel free to contact her with any questions regarding our summer leadership and cross-cultural experience!

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