Participants and their families express their gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity to attend the Global Youth Village. This year’s Global Friendships and Crossing Cultures programs are successfully cementing international relationships and new cultural understandings among future leaders.

“I wanted to thank you and Global Youth Village for a terrific 11 days for Max.  He talked nonstop about his time there all the way back to Richmond. He is very interested in continuing to be involved next summer. The best to you and your colleagues!” –Donna Gassie (Maxfield’s mom)

“Thank you for everything. My siblings came back today and said they had a great time 🙂 Please thank the rest of the staff and Mr. Rash on behalf of my mom and I as well. ” – Rahiba Noor (Rizzy’s and Bob’s sister)

“I am so glad Alina had a lot of fun. I am sure this has been a great experience for her and with no doubt she wants to go again. Thank you very much.” –Maria Rahman (Alina’s mom)

“What a wonderful experience you are providing for the children! Thank you.” –Lori Burrous (Sara Burrous’ mom)

From the Youth 

games with new international friends“I was so cynical about everything before coming here. Now, I have hope. I want to thank everyone here for an amazing experience. ” –Muquith

“This place is so [friggin’] amazing. It’s like Mr. Rash is Dumbledore and we are at Hogwarts…learning how to make peace in the school of wizardry! I came here with so many assumptions and thinking I was open and I  knew a lot….but I realized that I had so much more to learn. I’m so glad I came. ” –Erica Davison

“I just love GYV.  The staff here are so special…they really know how to live life…to get the best out of life. They are so kind and patient. It’s a very spiritual place and it has truly inspired me. I really appreciate everything.” –Nora Hussein

“It’s a great place. I love it here. I met like-minded people with whom I could really share a lot with. I learned more about myself and learned to be myself. GYV has inspired to travel the world…to meet more people and learn more languages.” –Sid Byers