Domino Effect PicRecognizing the importance of the “domino effect” on civic engagement within your community is vital to its growth and preservation.  You rarely ever see just one person involved in a “community” project, instead several members are compelled to become involved and make a difference. With this concept in mind, working with youth in particular can change a generation. We need our youth to recognize the value of preserving our communities and encouraging growth in a constructive way. 

Here at the Global Youth Village , we try to instill the importance of this concepts in our participants as we provide the tools necessary for them to become community leaders. We show our participants the importance of giving back, while encouraging their peers to do the same. Our hope is by encourage a small group of youth, we will create a global domino effect amongst youth around the world.

 Become part of our “domino effect” and attend GYV this summer!   APPLY TODAY! E-mail Suhad Rasoul at for more information.