Name: Kreshnik Kaçaniku

Nationality: Albanian from Kosova

GYV Staff/ Participant during: P ’03

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in International Business from from Royal University of Illyria

Occupation: Banker

Most Interesting Country Visited: Egypt (before revolution) can’t wait to go there again now after revolution and see the changes (hope so)

Favorite GYV Memory: Hmmm… there are simply too many.  I have to say that GYV was really special for me, every single day was special there but I can mention  that our peace building workshop was amazing. Our instructor Cloe Liparini was great. Cultural nights were awesome.

Volunteer/Civic Engagement Activities since Global Youth Village: I’ve worked  with a local NGO and occasionally volunteer as a judge for our high school debate team.

Biography: I was born and raised in Mitrovica a city in north of Kosovo. We had a terrible war in 1999.  The war has affected us a lot because we didn’t have the chance like other families to escape and go to neighboring countries.  Our houses were robbed and burned. The Serbs made us walk from our city which is in north to the south-east city on the border with Albania; they used the whole city a human shield so  NATO wouldn’t bomb them. We survived on onions and  whatever we could find along the way.

I’ve finished high school here and then moved to Prishtina (the capital) for 3 years to finish university. After that I was employed at a local bank and from then I work there as Client Adviser. I’ve tried to be an active member of society.  I enjoy hiking, rollerblading, mountain biking , watching movies and taking photos as an amateur.  I had a lot of prejudice towards certain people groups before I came to GYV but  I changed.  At GYV, I  learned not to hate, not to be prejudiced. I learned to love people for who they are.

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