Legacy International seasonally hires temporary, part-time Digital Facilitators to play a vital role in the implementation of our youth leadership development programs.

Virtual Global Youth Village connects young people ages 15-20 from around the world using our dynamic digital platform. The vIrtual Facilitator guides the process through  videos, chats, dynamic webinars, interactive lessons, and games.

Virtual Global Youth Village supports students as they gain cross-cultural communication skills and explore ways they can impact their local community.  Introducing youths to the Sustainable Development Goals and demonstrating how they are integral players in attaining those goals , helps build confidence and positive view of the future.

Over 90 youths participated in 2020.  Students are broken into Pathways with 10-18 students per pathway. Two virtual facilitators lead and mentor youth during all asynchronous (12 hours per week)  and synchronous activities (6-8 hours per week). Virtual Facilitators  are committed to creating an open and trusting atmosphere in a virtual camp, using ground rules (or a “code of conduct”) to establish the conditions needed for constructive dialogue and behavior. Facilitators check-in regularly and respond to participant questions as learners complete asynchronous activities and post content on discussion boards. They establish a great environment for learning via Zoom and TalentLMS, welcoming and encouraging participants, and introducing them to the learning management system. Students needing additional support can take advantage of office hours or be paired with an in-country digital advisor.

Staff Qualifications:

Lead Trainers:  Responsible for designing curriculums with LMS and overseeing overall youth experience

  • Previous experience as a trainer or teacher in such areas as: leadership, community service, youth technology training, dialogue & diversity.
  • Proven high level communications skills - written and verbal
  • Prior experience creating virtual lessons and use of Learning Management Systems a plus.
  • Creative, flexible, reliable and like to have fun!

Virtual Facilitators: Responsible for communications with all youths, making sure they access system, can fulfill assignments and troubleshoot any technical issues. Delivers fun interactive activities in synchronous sessions.

  • Good organizational and communication skills
  • Prior experience in online learning and teaching
  • Prior virtual meeting facilitation skills
  • Ability to trouble shoot technical issues

Work Location - remote from wherever you live all over the globe

2021 Dates - Virtual GYV

Staff Training

Virtual Training May 24-29,  Course finalization between June 23 and July 6.

Virtual Program for youths 

July 12 - August 5, 2021

Staff Wrap-up and Departure

August 5-12, 2021 - debriefs and course wrap up

To apply:

Send resume and cover letter with Virtual GYV in subject line to staff@legacyintl.org