Virtual GYV – Pick Your Pathway

Welcome to the 2020 Virtual Global Youth Village. Young people are joining us from  Algeria, Bermuda, Egypt, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Morocco, Myanmar, Nigeria, Palestine, Sudan, Tunisia, UK, and USA.

 Our staff is busy planning the program.  In Week One you will meet everyone. In week two, you will split into Pathway groups, and in week three, we come back together. 

One week before your program begins you will receive “How to connect resources” and a staff member will reach out to you to assist.   


Crossing Cultures Through the Arts:  How does art make you reflect and question the world around you?  What are examples of community art that are inspiring to you?  Are there traditional art forms you would like to share and learn about? Join Crossing Cultures through the Arts to learn about the creative process and how it is relevant to the world’s most important issues today. In this pathway, learn about the arts in various countries, cultures, and traditions, while sharing your knowledge from your own home country. You will work individually and as a team to create your own art piece about an issue that holds much significance to you.  Create a  shared, collaborative final product to promote change and bring to light to the realities people are living in today.
Communitech – Tech for Social Good:  Want to develop and utilize your STEM skills to help your community? Looking to build a support network of like-minded tech-focused individuals? Then join us as a Comunitech! We can help bring about the change needed in our local communities and make a genuine human impact with our Technology for Social Good pathway.  Take TechTreks around the world and see how they are using the latest tools to  address challenges and issues on the local level.  Pick a challenge (examples include: hunger, poverty, gender inequality, climate change, mental health, refugee crisis, etc.) and develop a tech solution.
Global Earth Warriors: Concerned about the environment, but don’t know where to start? Engaged in environmental activism and want to share your success with others?  Then come join a community of  “Global Warriors” looking at  precious environmental resources, issues and solutions in your communities.  Share out places of natural beauty, how climate change is impacting you, engage in debates and games, and create a video or community project  to help the environment in your own community!
Helping Hands – Social Justice for All: Want to make a difference for people in your community? Want to support the most vulnerable in your sphere of influence? Explore the heart of social justice and service through Helping Hands. Each teammate will explore what can be done to fill a need within the local community. Help peers build out plans based on your experience,  share resources and learn more about ways youths are stepping up during today’s unique circumstances. Earn up to 10 service hours in the process.
Worldwide Wellness: Do you want to learn more about healthy living both physically and mentally/emotionally? Worldwide Wellness is a pathway where participants will delve into the important questions of health and wellness while gaining first-hand exposure to new and differing types of exercises, recipes, mental and emotional health practices in a cross-cultural exchange environment.   This pathway will progress in a linear fashion from body and physical wellness to mental and emotional wellness all while trying new and exciting activities to keep you on your toes!  You will try new foods, develop a Yoga flow, experience cardio workouts, practice mindfulness and more. It’s open to interpretation, and most importantly will serve to relax you during stressful times.
(You)nited Nations and the Sustainable  Development Goals –  The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)are a set of goals designed by the UN and adopted by its members states with the aim of improving the lives of all the people in the world. Today, there are 1.2 billion young people aged 15 to 24 years, accounting for 16 per cent of the global population. This pathway aims to activate young people to contribute towards the achievement of the SDGs.  Let’s explore your communities and your countries as you move forward to address the SDGs. Which global goals critically affect youth development? Education, climate change, unemployment, poverty, gender inequality, conflict, and migration are on top of the list. Engaging youth happens in three stages: Awareness, Understanding and Action.  What can you/we do together to take small steps towards achieving these goals?  This pathway  builds a platform for discussion, includes hands-on activities, and creates the conditions for active engagement.

Virtual GYV Pathways

Tell us your preference by selecting your first, second and third option for Pathway. If we receive everyone's forms by June 7, we hope to share the Pathway lists and schedules by June 15.
  • Pathway Selection: There are three pathways to chose from and each student will be placed in one pathway. Indicate below your top three choices.