GYV 2011

Left to Right, Hassanah,Mustafa and Israel

Israel Ortiz, Hassanah Abdul-Haqq, and Mustafa Kadhim blog on what what they have learned so far at the Global Youth Village.

Hassanah Abdul-haqq, 15, Florida, USA

I wake up to a muggy atmosphere. Day three at the Global Youth Village and already I have learned  to say “Hello” in about 7 different languages. This morning, two men from a performing arts center taught a group of us a short dance and song. It was creative, interesting, and unique, unlike anything that I have ever experienced.

Israel Ortiz, 16, Chicago, USA

I have learned a lot so far during my time at the Global Youth Village. I have learned that even though I have a different culture then others, I have many similarities with them. I also learned that it is fun to get to learn about other cultures by getting to know people that speak another language than you. Also, that you don’t have to be afraid to put your dreams into action. It’s fun to talk to new people because it’s something that I have never done before. Everyone who goes to this program is inspired and grateful to be here and to be able to experience something that they have never done before. I look forward to learning a lot more and interacting with others that I haven’t be able to talk to yet.

Mustafa Ahmed Kadhim, 17, Iraq

My name is Mustafa Ahmed Kadhim and I’m from Baghdad.  At GYV, I have met  people from other country and I like them all because they are so nice. I’ve learned that  not everything in the world will be like you want it to be, so you must be ready for everything. This is what GYV is all about…meeting new friends and trying a new lifestyle so you will be ready for everything in the future.

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