GYV Hires Those Who:

  • Have youth work experience and an ability to excel in a residential setting;
  • Demonstrate cross-cultural understanding with knowledge of world issues;
  • Have proven, well developed communication and dialogue skills;
  • Have a desire to work in a rural summer camp (even with high humidity & bugs!), with the imagination and aptitude to use nature as a teaching tool and opportunity to try new experiences;group of 6
  • Have a strong commitment to safety;
  • Enjoy the prospect of having limited smart phone use or getting a cell good signal. (You will be able to check email daily!);
  • Are creative, flexible, reliable and like to have fun!  (Be ready to discover hidden talents!)
  • Internationals are welcome to apply!
  • Interns are welcome as well!

GYV Guidelines for Staff & Participants:

GYV’s Honor Code outlines each person’s responsibilities as Village members. Yet, the Honor Code goes beyond what one might find in a typical camp, addressing issues of how we view and treat one another, in addition to articulating who we aspire to be. (GYV’s Honor Code was written jointly by past participants and staff.) Each participant and staff is expected to:
  • Be open to new ideas and willing to listen;
  • Respect other people’s point of view, cultural differences and music;
  • Participate fully in camp activities;
  • Resolve conflict through communication;
  • Engage in non-exclusive, open relationships which avoid cliques;
  • Enjoy a primarily vegetarian (ovo-lacto) diet for a period of time;
  • Abstain from tobacco, alcohol & illegal drugs.
Details about other key personnel policies will be provided to those selected for interviews.
See also:  Frequently Asked Questions, Program Description, Staff Dates, and Salary & Benefits