At the Global Youth Village, every summer is a little different. Yes, each summer participants gain vital leadership skills and build friendship with their peers from around the globe, but its the individual youth that register each summer that make each session truly unique.

Registrations are still coming in from around the world, but let’s give you a sneak peak into who will be at GYV this summer:


  1. Three best friends from Mumbai, India#GlobalFriends
  2. An American football player from Montana
  3. A tennis player from Hungary
  4. Two Global Youth Village alumni!
  5. A girl who was born in Russia and now lives in the United States.
  6. A group of students from the Middle East who can’t wait to make American friends
  7. A boy from Virginia who 2 older siblings attended the Global Youth Village
  8. Teens who can teach you Spanish, Crow, Arabic, Russia, Hungarian and Chinese!
  9. A girl from Vietnam and a boy from Saudi Arabia, who have older brothers attending graduate school in the USA
  10. American teens from all 4 corners of the United States (Maine, to Florida, to California)!


There really is no place on earth to experience the diversity, fun and skill development that GYV offers.  Won’t you join us this summer?  Click here to Register Today

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