There is only about two weeks until the official start of summer; and less than 6 weeks until the first group of students begin to arrive at the Global Youth Village!


This year, we are expecting a diverse group of students from across the United States and abroad.  Students have equally diverse interests, hobbies, family backgrounds and education/ professional goals.  There is one thing all these students have in common – they are about the have the BEST summer of their lives!  Here is just a sampling of some of the participants you’ll find at GYV 2014:

on the basketball court

An artist from Kentucky, USA who artwork is displayed in the US Capital

A guitar player from Taiwan

A girl from the United States who will show you how to play Field Hockey

A girl from Sierra Leon who loves speaking Spanish

A football player with roots in Lima, Peru

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A golfer from Egypt who studies at an International school

 A girl from China who loves to tell traditional Chinese stories

A tennis player from Ghana

A boy from the United States who loves music

A girl from the USA who enjoys Japanese culture, art and food

A Guatemalan with a passion for learning about other cultures


A boy from Poland who loves trying new food – but will always love pizza!

A Floridian with roots in Indonesia

A girl from Montana who can show you traditional Native American dance


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