As the weather becomes colder and colder, lots of holidays are approaching to us. Students around the world will have their semester ends soon. If you haven’t planned what to do yet, let’s see how teens in other countries spend their winter holiday.

France: where students have the most holidays

French teens have many holidays around the year. Besides summer vacation, they have winter vacation, Christmas holidays, Easter holidays, and Whitsunday holidays. Each of these holidays will give teens 10 or 14 days off. But if you think because there are so many holidays, teacher give students a lot of assignments, you are wrong.  Actually, in France, school breaks are for having fun and spending time with friends and family, so they have a break from their school work!

America: Lots of activities to experience the real world

American school breaks are all about variety.  Students can pick from lots of different exciting ways to speak their time.  Such options include:

  1. Attend club activities: In America, teens will start clubs themselves and gather other people with the same interests, such as baseball clubs, football clubs and so on. During their winter holiday, club members will explore their interested in new and deeper ways, such as travel to special training camps, or practicing with a well-known coach!
  2. Read books with parents. In winter holiday, some community libraries will hold events and activities for students and parents to spend time together as a break from life’s usual business. Families may read books together, share their opinions, and communicate with other families.
  3. Participate in winter camp: During winter holiday, many American teens will participate winter camp such as farm camp where teens will learn to do farm work and live with farmers, wilderness survival camp to learn how to survive in wilderness, overseas cultural exchange camp to experience other countries’ custom and many others educational programs.

student-holiday-job-300x200Korea: working part-time and earn tuition fee

Known by many people, Korean private college tuition fees are very expensive. As 80% Korean students go to private university, many of them decide to spend their winter holiday on doing part-time jobs in order to earn money so that they can afford their high tuition fee. Usually, students work at supermarkets and restaurants as sales people or porters. Most students can earn up to one semester’s tuition during the school break!

Pakistan: study, study, and study

Due to the hot summer, most schools will have two and a half months for summer holidays, while only 10 days for winter holiday. During winter holiday, students will have lots of homework to do because they heavy load of coursework. Besides, like Chinese students, many Pakistani students will choose to pre-review the coursework of the next semester and take various extracurricular classes, among them English class is the most popular one, because they think good English level will get them a good job in the future.

What’s your plan for the upcoming winter holiday? Do your country have special activities celebrating it? Share with us!