Drummer Robert Jospe and  percussionist Kevin Davis presented their World Beat Workshop on Sunday evening at GYV. Participants enjoyed exploring the diaspora of West African rhythms in the Americas and their influence in current music styles.  Using a map, percussion instruments and music charts, Kevin and Robert included clapping, dancing and singing to salsa, calypso, merengue, samba and hip-hop as part of the program. Musical, historical, cultural and geographical information is brought to life with the journey of clave. The presentation follows a similar format  each year and Kevin and Robert have now made their presentation 52 times! This is an overview of the 2011 presentation:

[framed_video column=”two-thirds”]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yys4pMyzd68[/framed_video]

After World Beat, participants enjoyed a night of dancing under the tent. LIMBO is always so popular and fun!

[framed_video column=”two-thirds”]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DisOe152EoE[/framed_video]

Today is Youth Responsibility Day at the Village. Participants take on the running of the summer program for a day…and do everything from helping to cooking meals, to running the cafe, and electives etc. It takes a lot of planning and coordination and it’s a great leadership and team building exercise!







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