Summer, leadership, youth, global, international sharing, global issues, peace camp, dialogue, summer camp, college prep, sports, yoga, soccer, swimming, middle east, Europe, Africa, Asia, best friends, vegetarian, world religion, best friends, be the change, art, social justice, world music, sharing nights, big top tent, cultural values, team challenge, combating extremism, world leaders, youth leaders, building leaders, community service, crossing cultures, world politics, conflict resolution, interfaith dialogue, dancing, youth justice, action teams, family, friendships that last a lifetime, candlelight ceremony, theater, performances, around the world, travel, global village, campfiresLegacy International invites alumni (ages 18 and older) to teach a workshop showing your impact on a global or social issue near and dear to your heart.  So many  Legacy alumni are doing great things.   Give back to the 2019 Global Youth Village.  Share your inspiration  and knowledge by providing a three-day workshop (1.5 hours each day) to GYV’s 2019 participants.  Show how you  are making an impact, and motivating  the next generation of  transformative leaders.

Create and offer a workshop on any of the issues below or design something completely different.  We are looking for 9-12 people from a wide array of disciplines:

___ Women’s empowerment or gender equity

___ Poverty and hunger reduction

___ Art for social change

___ Engaging public leaders

____ Connecting body mind and spirit through sport, dance, exercise or yoga

____ Environmental issues

_____ Inclusion & social cohesion

_____ Human Rights

______ Have a different idea?

2019 Date Options:

July 7-9

July 11- 13

July 14-16

August 1-3

Interested:  Please complete this survey and one of our team will get back to you right away.