At Global Youth Village, while you are learning how to speak ‘Change’ and talk ‘Future’, you can also learn to speak the ‘Language of Food’.

For lunch one day, you might try Iraqi briyani for the first time and for dinner it might be Indonesian gado gado.  Lunch the following day may be pizza or lasagna. We serve a predominantly vegetarian diet with chicken served twice during each session. Our experienced chefs often step outside to the organic vegetable garden to pick veggies and herbs for your meal.

Have any dietary restrictions? No problem. The kitchen crew can accommodate you. Your meals will be fresh, healthy and yummy!

 Sample of foods served at GYV Dining Room:

• cereals (hot and cold)
• pancakes/french toast
• fruit & yogurt
• eggs
• muffins/bagels
• vegetable/cheese/olives

• soups
• salad/vegetable plate/ coleslaw
• vegetable quiche
• beans
• grilled cheese and other sandwiches
• cottage cheese
• potato salad
• tacos and chili
• rice dishes
• egg salad
• pizza/calzones
• cornbread
• macaroni and cheese
• fruit/cookies/cake

• lasagna and pasta
• salad/vegetable plate
• soups
• fresh vegetables
• humus, pita
• spanish/indian rice
• vegetable stew, curries, dahls
• apple sauce
• baked and mashed potatoes
• corn on the cob
• barbeque tofu
• rolls, garlic or pita bread
• spanokopita
• falafel
• tabouli
• stuffed filo triangles
• fresh fruit and fruit salad
• baklava
• brownies, cakes, cookies

happy kitchen staff