Since 1979,  Legacy International has trained over 5,000 teens from 105 countries at the Global Youth Village in a dynamic summer program set in a traditional summer camp setting.  With the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains, teens are trained using the LivingSidebySide® curriculum to become community dialogue facilitators.  In this multicultural setting, youth leaders have been inspired and the experience has influenced their entire lives.  After 40 years, we have generations of highly compassionate global citizens with the skills needed to address conflicts, build coalitions and improve the lives of others.

COVID shut the doors of the Global Youth Village so we offered free virtual programming to teens from 25 different countries in 2020 and 2021.  Post-COVID, we are finding it hard to re-open but have continued the traditions and important programming by conducting transformative short-term exchanges that focus on leadership, peacebuilding, environmental stewardship, and more. These are implemented in communities across the US and abroad.

On-Demand Youth Leadership Programs (ODYLP) in partnership with the U.S. Department of State:

TechGirls - designed to inspire and empower girls from 36 countries in six hemispheres with deep level STEM training and practical application of leadership skills in their communities.  (2012-present)

Community Building & Social Cohesion Exchange Programs - study tour program in the USA featuring community program models to build inclusion and social cohesion.  Custom designed for various age groups and professionals.

Arabic Language Institute- Morocco -offered in partnership with the Center for Language and Culture is part of the National Security Language Initiative for Youth. (2007-2017)

American Youth Leadership Program: Cyprus -a leadership training and exchange program for U.S. high school students and adult mentors focusing on environment and climate . (2015-2016)

Iraqi Youth Leadership Program - Over 400 US and Iraqi teens had the opportunity to make friendships, develop dialogue skills and gain appreciation for cultural legacies during these summer intensives. (2007-2013)

Youth Leadership Program: Indonesia- Civic Engagement Program in the U.S. for over 350 high school students and teachers from across Indonesia with community impact projects delivered to over 1500 people.  (2004-2013)