The Global Youth Village takes place in the United States on our main campus, located on a 50-acre property in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  We are in Bedford Virginia which is between Roanoke and Lynchburg.  The lush woodlands, complete with hiking trails, organic gardens, pond and stream provide a peaceful environment.

While many leadership and foreign language programs are located on university campuses, we have found that the benefit of  a natural setting with cooperative living leads to deeper friendships and greater level of comfort to share one's thoughts and ideas.

The Global Youth Village has been home to more than 5000 participants from 105 countries since 1979.


Year after year, participants rank Cabin Life as one of the favorite parts of GYV.  Participants stay with 10 to 12 other teens in wood-frame cabins, along with one Cabin Counselor.  These cabin groups become tight-knit units during their time at GYV, often acting as families as teens are away from home.  Cabin groups laugh with one another and support each other during times of need.

Cabins are equipped with electricity, lights, bunk beds, and bedding is provided for international and U.S. students arriving via air travel.

Showers and bathrooms are located near the boys and girls cabin areas.

Contact us for more information or specific questions: 540-871-0882

cabin amano exterior