APRIL 2021: 


We have determined that the Global Youth Village 2021 experience will shift to an entirely virtual context this summer.   We will not be offering an in-person program due to the continued risk posed to teenagers with the variants.   We are confident that one day very soon we will be able to meet again at our beautiful campus in Virginia.


Global Citizens and Changemakers are needed!  Cross cultural understanding, dialogue skills and problem-solving techniques are needed now more than ever.  The pandemic has highlighted many areas that need more attention and has connected people in new ways.  It is clear we are better when we work together. The lessons we have learned on the personal level and in each community worldwide need to be maintained and expanded upon.

Legacy International is a leader in providing experiential and culturally immersive programs for youth.   Through our programs youth emerge with, global mindsets and the confidence they need to take risks, explore new subjects and take on leadership roles.

Join our unique Virtual Global Youth Village


This is not just a summer program, it is a path to global citizenship.

The Global Youth Village has welcomed over 5,000 teens from more than 102 countries since 1979.  The 16-day international youth leadership summit for ages 15-19 in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia gathers youth leaders from across the globe to create a community of hope and action.

The Global Youth Village offers dynamic activities fostering cross-cultural understanding and helps young people tap into their potential as agents of change.

We are taking this time during COVID to grow!

Come in summer 2022!  WE WILL BE HERE. Join friends in a beautiful rural setting to:

  • Tackle the world’s most pressing issues.
  • Learn from experts and champions in peace & conflict, human rights, and climate action.
  • Take action and mobilize others - create working groups to develop solutions.
  • Become a communicator, innovator, decision maker.
  • Develop your own youth advocacy toolkits to precipitate local community change.

Typical Day - Become a peace-builder and visionary

  • Wellness - Explore ways to  manage stress and build good mental health habits. Enjoy 45 minute activities each day such as meditation techniques, yoga, exercising, healthy eating, journaling ...
  • Community Projects - Discover our delightful nature and work as a team to build nature trails, paint camp structures, plant organic gardens, and many more activities for 10-12 hours during your stay
  • Living SidebySide®  - 20 hours of training  in our peace building and tolerance curriculum which teaches communication, cultural competency, leadership and problem solving skills.  This is the backbone of the Global Youth Village experience.
  • Vision 2030 - Addressing Environmental sustainability -  Discover ways you can practice environmental sustainability.  Plant and harvest organic vegetables, build nature trails and maintain forest ecosystems, learn from environmental experts and youth activists, design advocacy programs and peer education campaigns.  Look at environmental issues from a variety of lenses including environmental justice, eco-art, agricultural practices, climate change impacts, life choices...
  • Evening Fun - down time with friends, art nights, cultural sharing events, open-mike nights and more.



Three week program July 12 to August 5, 2021

12 hours asynchronous work per week, 6-8 hours of synchronous work per week.  Over 18 different countries represented.

“In Virtual GYV, there were no barriers between us. While we speak different languages and have different backgrounds and points of view, we discovered that this diversity contributes to beautiful collaborations that can change the world. “

Jorge – Mexico

E SDG Poster 2019_without UN emblem_WEB

Gain these Peacebuilding skills  

  • Using Dialogue as a tool
  • Dialogue and Debate; Discussing difficult issues with grace
  • Social and Emotional Intelligence: Awareness of self; awareness of others
  • Communication skills: listening; communication styles; reducing misunderstanding
  • Cross-cultural and intercultural communication
  • Prejudice and prejudice reduction; strategies for how to respond
  • Conflict styles and responses; strategies for reducing and resolving conflict
  • Creating positive social change

Environmental Sustainability - Learn, Act and Lead 


Planet Earth - Water levels rising, unusual weather patterns, effects on crops, human behavioral changes and nature bouncing back


Impacts: Displaced people, forced migration, increased risk of human disease


Taking leadership: sustainable agriculture, preserving ecosystems, becoming eco-friendly, environmental justice, campaigns to raise awareness and inspire action.