The voices of young people help communities unite!
Equip Yourself to Build Community

During the morning Summits, you will spend time refining your community dialogue skills through Living SidebySide®.  This is our a peacebuilding and tolerance curriculum developed over three decades by Legacy International educators.  The curriculum, which teaches communication, cultural competency, leadership and problem solving skills, is the backbone of the Global Youth Village experience. 

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The curriculum covers:

  1. Dialogue as a tool: skills, approaches, guidelines; how to create and engage in successful dialogues
  2. Dialogue and Debate; Discussing difficult issues with grace
  3. Social and Emotional Intelligence: Awareness of self; awareness of others
  4. Communication skills: listening; communication styles; reducing misunderstanding
  5. Special factors and skills for cross-cultural and intercultural communication
  6. Prejudice and prejudice reduction; strategies for how to respond
  7. Conflict styles and responses; strategies for reducing and resolving conflict
  8. Creating positive social change