English Level Self Evaluation

English Level Self Evaluation

Learn and speak English togetherIn order to have the best experience possible from your Global Youth Village program, it’s helpful to know what level English student you are.  This will make sure you are comfortable, learning and having fun during the duration of the program.

When you apply for a Global Youth Village program, a GYV staff member will help make sure you are placed in the program that is the perfect fit for you.  In the meantime, you can use these questions to help you figure out what level you might me:

  • Do you know some English letters and numbers?
  • Can you say 2-10 words in English?
  • Can you identify English letters and words if you see them written?

If so, you are a Beginning Level English student.  

  •  Can you say a few common phrases in English: like “good morning”, “how are you” and “my name is…”
  • Can you understand simple English questions when you hear them?
  • Can you answer a simple English question with a few words: “Yes, I am fine today.”?
  • Can you write a sentence in English?

If so, you are an Early Intermediate English student! 

  •  Can you hold a conversation with someone in English?
  • Are you able to write your thoughts and feelings in English?
  • Are you comfortable speaking English in a classroom setting?

Then you are a Late Intermediate English student! 

  • Do you want to practice speaking English with Native English speakers?
  • Are you excited to live in an “English-only” environment for?
  • Do you want to practice expressing more complex ideas and feelings in English?
  • Do you want to practice using English to while solving problems and working as a team?

Then you are an Advanced English student