Joining this international summer program will be the best decision you could ever make.  At the Global Youth Village, you will find friends from diverse backgrounds and learn leadership skills that will help you build “community” wherever you go in the future.   You will meet amazing staff members, gain communication skills and new perspectives on global events. 

Ready to have the best summer of your life? 

There are three sessions open to various age groups. Please explore the site to see more about each session 


Session A: Peacebuilder Program (ages 15-19)                  Global Youth Village + DC trip

  • JULY 4-22 (19 days) $3,700

Session B: Community Leader Program (ages 15-19)     DC trip + Global Youth Village

  • JULY 18-AUGUST 5 (19 days) $3,700



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  • JULY 5 – 18 (14 days) $1,700

Session B: Community Leader Program (ages 15-19)

  • JULY 23 – AUGUST 5 (14 days)           $1,700




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Join us for a summer that lasts a lifetime!