At the foundation of the Village’s experience is a series of interactive workshops focused on dialogue combined with an exploration of world issues.  It is specifically designed to transform and inform young people’s world view, awareness of self, critical thinking and decision-making skills.

Workshop leaders create a safe, interactive learning environment for teens and young adults to learn and deeply engage in discussions around world issues (poverty, climate change, refugees, gender issues, etc.), develop communication skills, as well as conflict prevention and prejudice reduction methods.   Participants represent a variety of backgrounds, cultures and English fluency, and range in age from 17-20 years old.

Workshop staff are experienced teachers and facilitators.  Applicants are expected to have professional teaching experience with teens and/or young adults. GYV‘s trainers must also be proficient in designing lesson plans, managing classroom dynamics, experiential training methods, and working with multicultural groups.  These are not entry level teaching positions.

2021 options:  LivingSideBySide® & Contemporary World Issues Workshop Instructor / Facilitator (2 people to be hired)

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