Salary & Benefits

Summer staff salaries at GYV are comparable to many U.S. summer camps.  People who choose to work at GYV do so because of Legacy International’s overall philosophy, and the tremendous personal and professional growth people gain from being in the Village.  
All summer positions include housing and meals, limited medical and accident insurance, and weekly laundry service.  (This includes interns.)
Staff also receive a modest salary, typically ranging between $225 – $425 / week (before taxes).  Salary is discussed during the interview process, and varies depending on the position and level of experience.  (Interns do not earn a salary, but are given a small stipend.  For those interns living outside of day’s drive to GYV, a modest travel allowance is provided to help cover these costs.) 
Staff are responsible for transportation costs to and from Bedford.  This is negotiable for those traveling from abroad or the U.S. west coast.  (If taking public transport, Legacy picks up staff from near-by airports in Roanoke or Lynchburg, Virginia as well as the bus and train stations in Lynchburg.)