Secondary Staff Roles

At the Global Youth Village, we offer a variety of activities so the young people can challenge themselves in new ways. The staff team, therefore, needs to collectively possess a wide array of abilities and play multiple roles.

In addition to a counseling, teaching or health care duties, staff applicants are encouraged to apply for one (or more) of the following part time roles according to your interests and expertise.  (Food service staff are invite to help in these program areas, outside of their kitchen duties, but it is not expected or required.)  (You will be able to check which secondary roles interest you on your application.)

Elective Leader
Electives are 3-4 day “mini-courses”  taught by Village staff and designed to offer youths a chance to explore individual interests.  Electives may be various sports or arts activities, or intellectual / leadership skill building activities (e.g. beginning swimming, batik, Ultimate Frisbee for beginners, basic sign language, creative writing). Little teaching experience is required. (Training provided for those with little to no experience in curriculum design.)
Arts & Crafts Leader
Plan and teach art activities to Village youths during electives, free time activities or special events. Help with set design for evening programs.
Theater Leader
Use creative dramatics, theater games, acting training, and other techniques to help youths explore and express of issues of concern during “electives” or special events.
Sports & Recreation Leader
Organize and deliver camp-wide recreational events such as “Wacky Olympics,” scavenger hunts, sports tournaments. Previous event organization experience required. Experience in non-competitive helpful.  Applicants should be outgoing and have an ability to motivate & manage large groups. Duties also include maintaining sports equipment.
Team & Non-Competitive Games Leader
Lead workshop and cabin groups through ground initiatives and other team building activities. Documented experience and training in leading and debriefing ground initiatives required. Skills are also needed in evaluating the safety of and conducting minor repairs of equipment.
Rock Climbing Leader
Teach beginning rock climbing at GYV’s natural climbing site. Must be an experienced rock climbing teacher, able to set up anchors and belay systems. (There are no pre-set anchors.) Certification from a nationally recognized organization is required. First aid & CPR certification is also required.
Pool Director
Oversee the activities and maintenance of the pool. Orient the lifeguard team, and problem solve as needed. Maintain safety and hygiene standards. Requires prior experience as a certified lifeguard for at least 6 months, but need not be currently certified.  Proven knowledge of pool management and maintenance also required.
Serve as part of a team of pool staff to create a welcoming, safe swimming area. Uphold safety and hygiene standards. Current American Red Cross certification (or equivalent) is required. First aid & CPR certification also necessary. (The pool is open 2 hrs/day.)
Assistant Lifeguard
Serve as part of the pool staff team, to create a welcoming, safe waterfront area, and uphold safety and hygiene standards. Must be a good swimmer. No certification required. Training provided. (The pool is only open for 2 hours a day.)
English Language Instruction
Use innovative, enjoyable, accelerated methods to improve English fluency (beginning, intermediate and advanced levels). Previous classroom teaching experience is preferred.
Stage Technician
Support and enhance all-village events through the set-up and monitoring of sound system, slide or LCD projectors, and any associated lighting needs (4-5 evening a week). Assist in the set-up and break down of sets. Training or experience in the operating of simple sound systems required. Experience operating LCD projectors preferred. (Professional stage technician experience not necessary.).
Trip Leaders
Select staff may be assigned to serve as trip leaders / facilitators to lead a youth group during short stays in Washington DC or other short term travel programs.   Applicants need to have previous trip leading experience, be 1st aid & CPR certified, able to serve as a driver (21+, U.S. driver’s license required).  Facile knowledge of the Washington, D.C. area is also preferred.
Select staff who are 21 years or older, with good driving records & a U.S. license may be assigned for various short term driving needs.  These may include local airport pick-ups or drop-offs on arrival and departure days, escorting youths to church services, or occasional shopping trips for program supplies.