Global Youth Village plus Washington DC

Spend 19 days in the USA 
A summer at Global Youth Village includes 14 days in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountain at a traditional summer camp setting. You will meet friends from around the world and take some of the most dynamic workshops available in leadership and dialogue.  In addition, you will enjoy fun afternoon activities and uplifting evening programs. 

International Students also enjoy 5 days in Washington DC.  Depending on which session you choose , this study tour will happen after your Global Youth Village experience or directly before. 


  • Session A: Peacebuilder Program – GYV+DC – ages 15-19: July 4-22
  • Session B: Community Leader Program – DC+GYV – ages 15-19: July 18-August 5
  • Session C: Global Awareness – DC + GYV – ages 13-14: July 18 to August 5
Washington DC is the port of entry and departure for our international participants.  Legacy staff meet you at the airport and you stay in an area hotel with staff and other youths. 

 International participants get a full cultural and historical immersion  that includes a guided city tour.  It is a city full of diversity, culture and history.  It is the capital where the President, Legislative Branch and Supreme Court work to keep our brand of democracy thriving.

You Days will include:

  • Study of US culture and history
  • Sightseeing
  • Museums
  • Shopping
  • Service Project


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